• Včelstvo jako celek, je nejúchvatnější přírodní druh z hlediska organizace hmoty v prostoru a čase.

    A colony of bees as a whole is the most fascinating animal species from the point of organization of substance in space and time.

High-quality Generic Honey and Mead from Podbeskydí...

Dear clients, we are a Czech company which has been engaged in the production of high-quality generic honey and honey wine under a registered trademark since 2012.

We keep bees in Podbeskydí near the town of Příbor. Because all our colonies of bees are migratory, we are able to be in the right place at the right moment and to achieve greater generic diversity in our offer of honey.

Certifikát Český med Our honey complies with the "Český med" (Czech Honey) standard of the Czech Beekeepers' Association (Český svaz včelařů).

600 Grams of Honey

The exclusive package has been processed with care representing our company's objectives: to deliver highest-quality honey which would, in connection with the design, address everyone who has a feeling for the wildlife, beauty and health.

The 600 grams represent a life-long work of 650 bees which have visited more than 2,000,000 blossoms and flown a distance of more than 68,000 kilometres, almost as far as 2 times around the Earth.

All of this included in just one jar...

600 Grams of Honey


Since times immemorial, mead has been considered to be a source of life, wisdom, courage and strength. It was known to the ancient Greeks, Romans, and the Celtic and Germanic tribes; the oldest preserved references come from the times of Sumer, from five thousand years ago. Mead is deservedly considered to be also an ancient Slavic drink.

Our ancestors, the ancient Slavs, drank mead during important family and tribe festivals, from which we can infer that they ascribed a unique, festive character to this drink.

Mead is considered to be the oldest drink in the world; therefore, we are honoured to revive the art of traditional production of mead and to make you feel like having returned to very long ago.